If your structure is not right, the rest of you
will not be right either! Regular chiropractic
care is a must for overall good health.
Everything about me feels better now that my
structure is lined up properly and once the
process was completed, return visits have been
minimal. I am so pleased and impressed by the
expertise of Dr. Tony Nicholas. I have
recommended his services to several of my family
members and my clients as well and will continue
to do so as his methods are effective and the
level of his concern for his patients is

-Darlene R. Betsill, ND, CTN

Dr. Nicholas, I can truthfully say that without
your knowledge and expertise I would be walking
bent over with a cane and in constant pain.
Thank You So Much.

-Jerry Robinson

I remember having to do exercises as a child on
a table at home because I had curvature of the
spine. So, I have always had a "bad back". Prior
to meeting my husband I was living elsewhere and
when my back started really bothering me I
started going to the one chiropractor in that
small town. Well, I felt like my back actually
hurt worse approximately two hours after leaving
his office than before I went. So when I moved
to Griffin with my husband and was having back
problems I hesitated in going to see Dr.
Nicholas. Even though at the time my husband was
going to see Dr. Nicholas every Saturday. I
remember having sciatica. One day I decided I
was tired of the muscle relaxers and the pain
medicines that other doctors gave me. Pills
didn't "fix" the problem. They only masked it. I
decided I was tired of the pain and decided to
go see Dr. Nicholas. After seeing Dr. Nicholas I
no longer hurt. No pills either! It may take
more than one visit at times but I have always
felt better just knowing that I will be better
and I don't have to take drugs.

-Kathy & Steve Clark

I have been going to Dr. Nicholas for about 12
yrs. and have always had positive results after
a session. I have lower back and neck problems
that results in backaches and headaches both are
relieved with a treatment from Dr. Nicholas. He
has also brought relief from sinus congestion.
He is a very caring doctor. Most doctors come
across as merely going through the process
whereas Dr. Nicholas sincerely cares about you
and the pain you are in.

-Lola Tavares

I went to Dr. Nicholas because both of my hands
were cramping. They would actually draw up at
times and it was very painful. I've been in
several wrecks during my life and I have
problems with my neck. I thought that my neck
was out of alignment and after examination, Dr.
Nicholas found that not only was my neck out of
alignment, my back and hips were out of
alignment also. My body felt much better and my
headaches went away. The adjustments helped the
cramping in my hands but the cramps would
eventually come back. As I was laying on the
table getting an adjustment from Dr. Nicholas,
Dr. Nicholas said, "Valerie I think you have a
magnesium deficiency and that is what is causing
the cramps in your hands." I then purchased a
container of magnesium from Dr. Nicholas and
with the very first dose, I could tell a
difference. The cramps were gone! Thank you Dr.
Nicholas for having the knowledge to diagnose my
problem. I can now sleep at night without waking
up with cramps in my hands.

-God Bless You, Valerie Hill

Hi Dr. Nicholas, I am writing you this note
personally, but please do feel free to show it
to anyone you like. I just wanted to take a
moment to tell you how grateful I am for helping
me achieve reasonable ongoing comfort and an
amazing relief from pain. As you know, my upper
middle back was a mess from a lifting accident
when I was a teenager. The x-ray from both your
office and severeal orthopedic specialists
confirmed that. Because of my weekly long
distance air travel along with the injury, I had
reached a point of pain and restriction of
movement that I was having to quit a job I
loved. I admit that I came to you at first only
in total desperation, more than a bit afraid of
the "back-cracking" process, and what I thought
was a real danger of getting hurt even worse. I
was fortunate enough to have you recommended by
someone I trust and so made the decision to try.
The level of relief from pain after even the
first session was just simply amazing. I want to
tell you that you, and the people in your office
have made a real difference for the better in my
life. What is even better is that along with the
relief from pain, I made a great group of
friends. The level of support and genuine
interest in my welfare is wonderful, and sadly
lacking in so many other healthcare givers. I
can honestly (and frequently do) recommend you
to other people I see with back and shoulder
issues. Anyone who sits at a keyboard or flies
frequently should beat a path to your door.
Finally, once again let me thank you and your
office family for taking such great care of me
and my family. You have helped not just me, but
also my wife and younger daughter as well.

-Daniel Lee Baggett

The experience at Dr. Nicholas' chiropractic
clinic was always pleasant and professional. Dr.
Nicholas was always concerned with your problems
and 100% of the time relieved my symptoms. He is
a very good listener and explains all the
procedures he does or recommends to you to
relieve your pain. The clinic was run
professionally but with a personal touch and you
always felt relaxed and appreciated. I would
highly recommend Dr. Nicholas to anyone who
needs a chiropractor.

-Mike Williams